Categories, Shmattegories…….

Mr Spicy Cauldron and Ms Amethyst Dragon will be pleased to see that I have finally condensed my categories down to an almost manageable level!

They are now…..

Creative /Writing

Anything that’s arty darling….my own writing, things on literature, poetry, fine arts, artists, history of art, and arty things in general!


Title says it all really…anything that’s French or about France, and smells proverbially of garlic!


Hmmmm my favourite…alll that is gothic in clothes, music, art, literature, and sentiment…

Me and my World

What could pass for autobiography, friends, events in my life, events and places in my past life….and hopes for the future!


My little homage to the glories of celluloid…or DVD….


A plethora of one hit wonders and serious eighties CHEEEEEESE! Oh, and some goth music, natch!


Anything and everything around paganism, including the Brigantii Moot and those involved with it!

Werewolves Vampires and Ghoulies

Anything nice and dark that I didn’t manage to fit in anywhere else!


8 Responses to “Categories, Shmattegories…….”

  1. Lots better dwahling – Much less of a headache to go through – been trying to do the same myself and just ended up with more of the damm things – Need to have a rethink AGAIN!!!!

  2. Oh but you missed out Morecambe ๐Ÿ™‚ Its still a category

  3. Oops…will adjust Morecambe accordingly!

  4. SO much better! And I see you’ve got Flickr photos and a spam blocked display, too. Better watch it, you’re starting to become a bit more technically knowledgeable. You’ll be discussing PHP coding with myself and AD before you know it.

    Morecambe comes under ‘Me and My World’, surely? I’d also think that maybe werewolves and vamps can quite happily nestle under ‘Gothic’. So yeah, I think the new categories are a massive improvement but I think two could go without causing any dilution or confusion. But whether they do or don’t, it’s already 500 per cent easier to find stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  5. And I LOVE the images you’ve chosen above to highlight your categories! x

  6. I hope I can count on your shameless promotion of my blog over the next ten days. He says. Shamelessly. Don’t forget you can vote every day throughout, as they set it up that way to help sites with lower-volume traffic!

    Just don’t ask me to kiss any babies. x

  7. Thought you liked babies…now if it was kissing Ann Widdecombe……….

  8. Ugh! Please NO! x

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