Litfest…or not to litfest????

Was intending to go to the Litfest this weekend to see two of my MA tutors, Ian Seed and Mollie Baxter perform, and Woo said that Hendryk was on the same bill……great, we could all go together…..

EXCEPT…when I finally get my hands on the litfest leaflet….this ‘free event’ needs booking, and according to the Dukes box office, is ‘sold out’……..

As last year, I have had a hell of a time getting my hands on a detailed events list…posters all very well but could not get these details from there….grrrrrrrrrrr

Looks good, though there are some I don’t fancy, some I can’t get to, and some now I can’t book for!

Strange advance this year, they are running litfest blogs as well……here’s the link to Mollie Baxter’s……


5 Responses to “Litfest…or not to litfest????”

  1. chaotickitty Says:

    I’ve never been to litfest. Its something I have thought about going to, but just never gotten round to.

  2. Hi Khlari, you were so looking forward to litfest … I hope you manage to go to the ones you wanted to, that they’re not booked out!

    Hugs if you fail, heck hugs anyway lol

  3. What’s the score with Wendy Cope’s turn? Is that sold out too?

  4. Khlari, I noticed your avatar on Chaotic Kitty’s blog. Why don’t you upload it to It’s free and then your pic would appear when you comment on mine or other gravatar-enabled blogs. Or, alternatively, send me a picture and I can set it up for you on my server – but that way it would work on my blog, nobody else’s. x

  5. Hi Andy….in Accrington at mo (course)……. I tried with gravatar, but the server fails every time I try to upload……great fun! I’ll send you the pic tho….

    As for Wendy Cope, yes, there are places available and I will try to sort later……

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