The silent man re-enters the debate

HWCBN has re-entered the debate, by commenting on my last post.


4 Responses to “The silent man re-enters the debate”

  1. It would be wiser to leave you alone, all told. Especially as you’re in a more than good place right now and want for nothing other than to be among friends, which you are. x

  2. I didn’t want to reopen it, just draw a line under the whole thing and carry on, I’m happy where I am.

  3. And yet despite everything he did and said about you exposing him online he chooses to use your daughters name on his blog, and his real name whilst making a comment

    Obviously he still has an awful lot to deal with and hasn’t really moved on in the last 5 months whereas you have – bitterness is a painful pill to swallow and it looks like its stuck in his throat

  4. I concur with AD’s comment. It’s a bit rich to use his real name when he tried to bully you into referencing him as HWCNBN, and using your daughter’s name is a bit outrageous, too. He’s astonishingly bitter. If that were me – thankfully never has been, hopefully never will – I don’t think I could cope with such a weight of self-torture and poison. It must be incredibly crippling mentally and emotionally. That’s why I feel so sad for him at the same time as angry that he just can’t resist having the occasional dig, albeit to no lasting or impactful effect. x

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