Here we go now!!!!!! Corset-shopping time methinks

Well, one episode of my life is now well and truly over. I received a cheque for £1100.00 yesterday, as damages for the events which happened in June. Although this will not cover a fraction of what was destroyed and stolen, it is, I guess better than nothing.

I am also writing this from home…after a long-ish delay, We are finally online, so I can write this in comfort with a cup of coffee in one hand and a fag in the other…….


22 Responses to “Here we go now!!!!!! Corset-shopping time methinks”

  1. Welcome online with caffine and nicotine……..

    It might not be able to bring things back but you can now look forwards.

    Of course if you need a hand to spend?


  2. Hmm have been putting some bids in on ebay, I’m afraid, for some rather delectable corsetry…………

    They need replacing, and even, upgrading!

    Though your help might be appreciated!

  3. I have paid my dues, now you pay yours.

  4. Sorry, my pc said it was from claire. It’s not, it’s from Simon, the one who has been wronged.

  5. I am saying nothing further on the subject, and I fail to see which dues I have to pay. I was not the one who did something spiteful and vindictive, nor did I destroy and steal things.

  6. Secondly, I am not the one who despite destroying someone’s life and possessions, went round crowing how much money I had to waste, that I had been buying new and expensive things, or sending infantile and vindictive emails.

    This does not cover the things which were destroyed or stolen, or re[place most of them, as they were unique and irreplaceable. I was alone with the other person’s posessions for a couple of days, and they remained pristine and untouched, as I would not stoop to that. This money covers barely one tenth of what was destroyed in my life. The victory is pyrrhic, it has merely meant that spiteful actions did not go unpunished, and that I can close this door and get on with the rest of my life with these issues at some level of resolution.

  7. Thirdly, the definition of wronged here is very abstract. I think I was the one who at the end of the day has been most wronged.

  8. I think that in the circumstances I have actually been quite restrained.

  9. S, why raise your head above the parapet here, now? I and many others saw the destruction you wreaked first-hand and it was inexcusable, and now you repeat like a mantra that you were wronged? In what way? Did you cut yourself with the scissors you used when you were chopping up Khlari’s clothes with all the determination and concentration of a maniac? Even if you did, you have only yourself to blame.

    You have yourself to blame anyway. Did you seriously think such an orgy of destruction throughout the house you shared for a time with Khlari would win you any friends? It is rare for people to take sides when others’ relationships break down; that said, one party using violence, destroying property, trying to disrupt a birthday and writing abusive rubbish on websites tends to force people to act decisively rather than remain neutral. You cannot deny what you did. It was witnessed. It was wrong.

    And everyone you used to know made the right choice, to support the victim in this. And that isn’t you, unless you consider yourself a victim of your own shortcomings and jealousies. Which, in a sense, you are until such time as you shine an honest light on your own psyche and seek professional support.

    You say you’ve paid your dues. The measure of regret is to be found in whether a man voluntarily tries to right his wrongs or is forced to do so by legal action. To say you’ve been wronged is incomprehensible. How? By the truth being told?

    It’s possible some of us hold forgiveness towards you in our hearts because you clearly suffer and it is the torment of emotions out of control that drives you to do foolish, spiteful things. But that kind of forgiveness does not necessitate reintegration of a person into their former community.

    When a person blow-torches the bridges behind them, it is he or she who must work to rebuild them. And must also acknowledge that, sometimes, when you burn bridges, they stay burned. The only option then is to learn from your loss, seek healing, and go some place else to start over. Of course, a person can start over anywhere – but we carry our emotional baggage and troubles with us unless we start the tough job of dismantling the elements within that cause so much harm to self and others.

  10. What are these alleged dues that Khlari is supposed to pay ?

    No one has harmed you, no one has abused you – though many wanted too – you have been left alone to get on with your life and yet you choose after all these months and finally doing the right thing to start up again with the whining and self-pitying

    I quote

    “I ask not for forgiveness, nor thanks, but only for some to leave me alone. It’s time to move forward with not a backward glance”

    isnt that exactly what has happened – you have been left alone – no one is interested in your opinion or what is going on in your life and that is what galls you the most – That basically we don’t give a f*ck about what you actually think

    Listen to your own words – Time to move on without a backward glance – Maybe you should practice what you preach……

  11. Well put AD and SC, look forwards not back and get on with life.


  12. Hmm I think If there was an extra 0 or 2 on the cheque then it would be a little closer to compensation for the stress, and i think khlari compensated enough DURING the relationship, she paid hers long before it ended

  13. Anway back to the far more interesting topic of corsetry – What are you thinking of ?- underbust, overbust, leather, pvc, silk – a whole realm of interesting and very pretty things to buy

    And colours – Red, Black, Purple – Sheer deliciousness – of course A is really going to enjoy any of your new purchases and I suspect Dam, Jackman and my OH will enjoy the view as well

    Of course if you fancy a corset shopping trip I’m sure Woo and I could be forced to come along and help

  14. I recomend some boots

  15. oh n somthing for the evening
    and general partying

  16. oh oh I don’t own a corset yet!!! If a shopping trip isn’t during school time …. me too! And could you email me the sites you recommend for browsing? I’ll be leaving buying for a bit … but would love to droool lol

    Corsets … so much more fun to talk about than anything else on this thread :o)

  17. Hmmm. that can be fixed quite easily, methinks……..will email you some tomorrow!!!!

  18. Can’t say corsets do anything for me. Harnesses, perhaps. Yes, harnesses! 🙂 x

  19. erm … tomorrow? It’s friday now and stilllll no sites to browse! Have done some wandering but finding good stuff of the right size is not easy!!

  20. oooh Damecles….v weird, the one I have got is almost exactly the ‘something for the evening’……..

  21. hmmm interesting sites … but I somehow feel I’ll need some help before I make my first purchase, wherever I get it from!

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