Handfastings, Samhain, Stress and Tranquility

Well a busy weekend over….this weekend it was chaotickitty and Skit’s handfasting which, apart from the rain, went fantastically…

They both looked gorgeous, Chaotickitty looked spectacular in the lovely dress that Woo made for her, Amethyst Dragon was on hair duty, and I was on make-up, for the full gothic Trinny and Susannah team!

First time I’ve seen SpicyCauldron actually wearing the amazing robe that his sister made for him, which was spectacular , and Willow looked really beaut1ful in her new purply-blue gown stitched by Amethyst Dragon…..

My new purple velvet number, alas stitched by me, at least held together!

Chaotickitty and Skit’s ceremony when it finally stopped raining was held in the garden, and attended by Woo’s cats who seemed intent on either sharing, or eating Chaotickitty’s cloak, it wasn’t sure which! It seemed like Bast was present…..

Norman and Lena led the ceremony, Chaotickitty’s mum tied the handfasting knot, and when the broomstick was found, it was finally hopped over!

In the evening a Samhain ritual was held, for which D and I were newbie quarter callers……….and Willow the high Priestess, and at which Norm announced his semi-retirement. It was a powerful ceremony, which led to some strong emotions flying about, (and some powerful joss-stick allergies…..), but left me the next day with a feeling of calm tranquility which, despite work, still lingers today……


2 Responses to “Handfastings, Samhain, Stress and Tranquility”

  1. Great write-up of a wonderful handfasting, hon! x

  2. A truly wonderful day was had indeed … and your purple and black dress was yummy!

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