It’s handfasting time again!

Well, eagerly awaited, it’s chaotickitty and Skit’s handfasting tomorrow at the Morecambe Hotel. Much work to do, Woo, Amethyst Dragon and I are taking care of the bride’s makeover , purpling (the wedding theme is purple, which we are all following more or less…) and general messing about, Spicy Cauldron, D and Willow are due to arrive as well, then at 2pm there is the actual handfasting, followed by our slightly late Samhain ritual at about 6pm…….

Bright blessings to all involved in this, and I think much fun and merriment will be had by all!


2 Responses to “It’s handfasting time again!”

  1. You purpled up beautifully Khlari :o) The getting the bride ready etc was fun … I’ve not had girly time like that for longer than I care to remember …. never really did it much as a teenager even.

    And didn’t we all look fabulous lol

  2. Absolutely fabulous darling!!!!! It’s good to have girly time once in a while….

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