Off we go…….

Hey hey…..just an hour to go then I’m off of work until the 30th October…some flexi and some leave, which means a nice half-term to be spent with M______. Apparently, we are co-opted with Woo and Amethyst Dragon to make some Hallowe’en decorations and dressmaking for Chaotic Kitty’s upcoming handfasting on the 4 th November, a spot of shopping with beaut1ful, and some Hallowe’en jollies with the massed quanities of small children belonging to Woo, AD, and myself….preparations for Mr A’s birthday and Chaotic Kitty’s hen-night, which both fall on the 28th……

and hopefully some chillout time as well……


One Response to “Off we go…….”

  1. To post or not to post … since you’re off line already lol.
    mmmm post :op sounds like you’ve got a very busy but fun half term planned Khlari … and I am very much looking forward to our day out shopping :oD

    Fun Fun Fun … and maybe some material so I can have a go a sewing … gulp … lol

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