Have a beaut1ful day!!!

Thoughts go out to my friend beaut1ful Willow, here’s hoping that she feels better this morning!


Here’s a willow for a willow!

Poor old beaut1ful Willow ent over to visit Spicy Cauldron and D at the weekend, and got taken ill, unsure at the moment whether it was a dodgy curry or something more serious, but according to Spicy Cauldron’s texts late last night, led to an unscheduled trip to A&E at the now grandly named Calderdale Royal Infirmary (more prosaic Halifax General last time I went). However, it still seems as grim as it was the last time that I was there……..

The last time I had the misfortune to visit the place was for a scheduled operation. I was admitted, fasting, at 8 am on the Monday morning, and at 8am Wednesday, still fasting, I discharged myself without having had the operation, as I hadn’t eaten in two days and the starvation induced migraine was too much to bear. I had been told that I should go home to get my medication for the migraine (back to Hebden by bus), as they couldn’t give me any!

So I do know what you mean about the joys of Calderdale…..mind you, when I went to Birch Hill in Rochdale it was even worse, and I got my purse stolen on the ward! At least Willow got out safe and sound, as I hear she is snoozling currently at Spicy and D’s

Much love, and get better soon!


One Response to “Have a beaut1ful day!!!”

  1. Hi Khlari,

    I’m glad that if I had to be taken ill I was at Spicy & D’s … they really looked after me, making me laugh to take my mind off it and holding me when it got too much and I cried.

    I’m back home now, I just made it in time for the doctor’s appointment I’d made. Unfortunately the Emergency Doctor I saw was one who both hubby and I have had problems with in the past … she’s always been wonderful with our son but not with us. She actually laughed when I explained what had been happening over the weekend and asked for tests to see if it is an ulcer! By my repeating and stressing that I’d been in A&E and they’d said I needed to see my gp and get it checked in case she finally took me seriously. She took some blood for a test to see if the (germ?virus?) which causes stomache ulcers is in me. Results in ten days. Till then she gave me a script for Ranitide 150mg tablets “one to be taken twice a day avoid eating within one hour of the dose” …. didn’t think at the time as she just said one twice a day, morning and evening. But if morning do I take and wait an hour before eating or eat breakfast then wait an hour before taking it?????

    Sorry for whittering on … thanks for the tree and the thoughts Khlari.



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