Weekend, ha ha ha and another shameless plug while I’m at it!

Ha ha ha tis the weekend, and I am off to Preston shopping for Handfasting dress materials with chaotic kitty , amethyst dragon and Woo in Preston, for Chaotic Kitty’s imminent handfasting on 4th November….oh and we might just have to get ourselves a few yards while we’re there…need a new outfit for a handfasting after all!

This seems like a very good moment to plug chaotic kitty’s own blog at:



4 Responses to “Weekend, ha ha ha and another shameless plug while I’m at it!”

  1. chaotickitty Says:

    Oooh, thanks for the plug! And I will see you tomorrow for the shopping trip!

  2. ooooh what did you buy??? what colours/designs??? are you ‘allowed’ to say??? shopping is fuuuuuun if you can do with friends πŸ™‚

  3. Purple…lots of purple as that is the theme for Dale’s handfasting! I got purple velvet, and black velvet with purple running through it! I want to make a long sort of medieval number…… as well as that got loads of dark red curtain material (for Mr A’s…), black and violet organza, loads of net, some cool stretchy fishnetty stuff, and the pieces de resistance, some silver spiderweb voile, some black and silver bat net, some satin with jewelled spiders on……

    Wardrobe reconstruction time!!!!

  4. WOW … they all sound gorgeous! I take it you’re a good seamstress? Have fun playing with your fabrics πŸ˜€

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