Yo ho ho and several bottles of rum later…..

Aargh mateys……Cap’n Khlari would like to report that the pirate night was a rip roarin’ rum-drinkin’ success. Cap’n A was ravishing in his wig, aha the crimson pirate was he, Ship’s Lass M_______ sported an eyepatch and dashing cloak, and fair bristled with cutlasses and weaponry.

Capn’s Amethyst Dragon and OH were respectively the spectacularly purple-corseted pirate and Cap’n Bligh lookalike, whilst ship’s boy Sam had a spiffing velvet shirt, and ship’s lass Emma a most pirate-y skirt.

The Morecambe Hotel was garlanded in skulls, crossbones and paper pterodactyls, oops I mean parrots of course…. The creatin’ had been goin’ on all afternoon, and’ eyepatches and tricorns produced. Cap’n Woo Pinkbeard (name says it all really) complete with corset, presided over the festivities, aided by a be-striped Claudia. a fetchingly bandanna’d Tee, and baby pirate Saffron, complete with skull and crossbone socks…….Cap’n Dam made an appearance in those trousers, and a velvet shirt, though I be unsure if pirates had flip-flops…..

A darin’ raidin’ party was led to The Smugglers Inn in search of Old Rosey, led by the intrepid Pinkbeard….

Some pirates disgraced themselves by singing Kinky Boots very badly at Karaoke………( I shall remain nameless…..) Whilst the ships lads and lasses performed a stunning Timewarp, much to the joy of their piratical parents….

A jolly piratical evening was had by all


4 Responses to “Yo ho ho and several bottles of rum later…..”

  1. Yup It were a stunningly piraty night – Arrgh Mateys – Though how I managed to sail home aboard the Good Ship Renault Scenic with my corset pulled that tight – I’m still not sure

    Looking forward to doing it again next year – mind you we’ve Hallowe’en first – Best night of the year

  2. Hallowe’en – Christmas for Goths!!!!! I already be planning next year’s pirate outfit, Cap’n!

  3. Hmm. Samhain will be very sad for me, as I will be laying the table for a certain dearly departed loved one. Last year did the same to honour my friend Tony who died of cancer. The loved ones you’ve lost in the previous year get a place set for them, and every course. You then give the food you presented to them to animals, wild or otherwise, in your garden or elsewhere in nature outside. I always find it moving and powerful. x

  4. I really hope lots and lots of pics were taken for us poor souls who couldn’t come to see!!!!!! … oh and samhain …. when’s the party? wonder if I’ll be able to come or not :-/ Hope so !!!!!!!! šŸ™‚


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