A bit of AAAAGh Ian Astbury as well!

Busy week ahead…..

Tomorrow night am off to see The Cult in Manchester with Mr A and Helen Pete and Kath from the M.A….

Haven’t seen them since the Ceremony tour in 1992…at G-Mex….. Makes me wonder what on earth they look like now….Ian Astbury was my teeange rock star crush, one of the ultimate moments of my teenage years was throwing a pint of beer all over him by accident at a Doctor and the Medics gig at Heaven circa 1985…… he was very nice about it, but close up he was even lovelier……


4 Responses to “A bit of AAAAGh Ian Astbury as well!”

  1. So come on – make me jealous – was Mr Astbury as lovely as ever ?

  2. Wow. You saw Doctor and the Medics! I bet they were fun. x

  3. john j hughes jr Says:

    to whom it may concern ,since 1984 summer while visting my family in ireland.my cousin and i took a ferry over to england to catch this band the cult i only herd of the single ghostdance the show blew me a way that night i saw the worlds greatest front man and singer i cant believe how underrated he is. ive been to well over 150 plus shows all the shows i saw in th 80s are a little blur due to over drinking but the past 14 yrs are great saw all the current north american shows my man ian still has it i hope these lazy rock critics wake up to the fact cheers john boston ma

  4. Well, they are still absolutely awesome, and like you, I have never understood why they are so underrated….

    Not only are they a great live band, but their songs have substance as well as sound, there are meanings and feelings woven through them, and I still defy anybody to find a better song than Sanctuary or Spiritwalker…..(both of which they played at Manchester!)

    And Ian Astbury is…still gorgeous!

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