I won I won!!!!!!

Hey hey hey…am now the proud winner of a Spicy!!!! Thank you, thank you, just have to work out how to put my cute little cauldron on now!

Go to…..


for more!!!!

I won a Spicy - click here find out why!


7 Responses to “I won I won!!!!!!”

  1. Congrats hun :o)

  2. Thanks Willow! AAAAAGH can’t do this techno stuff it won’t let me put it in the sidebar!!!!!!

  3. Sorry, no advice from my end … I don’t even have a blog!!!

  4. Khlari, you need to add that code in the HTML view of your editing area NOT the Word-like interface. There’s a button on your toolbar which will pop open your HTML window. Pop the code in THAT wherever you want it – it will also show your other text – and then save, returning to your normal editing view. When you then save the entry, the badge will appear.

    The sidebar can be edited, if wordpress.com is at all similar to users’ own installations, by going to a section called ‘presentation’ or ‘theme editor’ in your admin – from which you can choose ‘sidebar’ and insert the code where you want it. x

  5. I’m trying to find the RSS feed address for your blog to add it to my RSS feed reader – any ideas?

  6. I found it – I just typed in https://musingsofkhlari.wordpress.com/feed/ and there it was, so now I can easily see you’ve got new posts to read as and whenever. Which reminds me… where ARE the new posts this week, lady? x

  7. Hmmmm….have been busy! Will do!

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