The supreme effort

It’s that time of year again……essays. I am knackered, weeks of writing, nitpicking said writing and coming up with theoretical ridiculousness to justify existence of said writing…… hand it in tomorrow, then off to London for the weekend to reclaim my small monster.

Who will at least, I hope, be impressed with the supremely pink bedroom Mr A and I have magicked up for her while she is away. It’s a big surprise, and I hope she likes it. I have missed her a lot. From someone who never got a break from motherhood in any way, the last six weeks have been positively surreal…I thought it would be some kind of blessed release, but to be honest, it has just felt very peculiar. I am so unused to it, I keep listening out for her, and looking behind me as I walk down the street.


4 Responses to “The supreme effort”

  1. 6 weeks without small people – Sounds wonderful but I’ve started missing the little buggers already and they only left last night to spend a few days at their cousins and I don’t see them in a morning anyway as I’m away to work before they get up

    It’s their physical presence that is missing – an empty nest feeling that you just can’t quite shake off – No wonder so many Mothers can’t cope when their offspring disappear to University etc.

    Mind you as soon as you get them back you realise what you are actually missing is nothing like the reality – with my two, the squabbling goes on almost 24/7, as well as the total inability to understand simple words like “NO”, “NOW” and the big one “TIDY” – its the maternal amnesia kicking in again 🙂

    The separation has atleast given you some time alone with Mr A and the chance to develop the relationship without being watched by small eyes – However I’m sure the monster will be delighted to see her Mum again

  2. After spending three of the six weeks holiday camping with husband and teenager I’m really looking forward to some child-free time. I’ve not asked grandma yet (and am telling child lol) but he’s spending the night at grandma’s later this month so we can have an adults only evening. I get paranoid enough with him in the room next door, camping, with him only two sheets of cotton away from us …. nice as it is for hubby to have re-discovered his sex drive but no chance lol.

    I understand the ‘lost’ feeling, did you find yourself turning around when a child called mum even though you knew darn well it wasn’t yours calling?

    I’m sure she’ll lurve her pink bedroom … is it as barbie pink as S’s?

  3. After the ritual ‘eat your breakfast’ and ‘why are you only wearing your knickers and you’ve been getting dressed for 20 minutes’ arguments this morning…….AAAAAAGH!

    She loved the pink and purple bedroom, just as pink as S’s and with mobiles and glowstars!!! (well, we had fun doing it!)

    And yes, I did turn around all the time, especially when it was a child screaming!

    It has been nice for Mr A and I to just let things develop naturally without an audience! M_______ did comment that we were always ‘kissy kissy’.

    As for separation and monster being pleased to see me- haven’t been able to go to the loo by myself since Friday! Oh the joys of motherhood.!!!!

  4. Yes darling, but I guess Mr A probably followed you to the loo as well! x

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