Another week another…load of hassle…….

I finally closed the door on last week, hoping that I could leave it there where it belonged….

I spent a fantastic weekend, including the Brigantii Moot on Saturday at the Morecambe, where much fun and jolliness was had by all, finally crawling home to my bed at 2am on Sunday, and then only because Mr A had to work the next day, or I think we’d still be there now……as would Willow, Norm, Silent, Mr SpicyCauldron and D if Dam and Woo had not sent them home to the land of noddy blinkums eventually!

And then I come back to more grief this morning. I just feel tired of it all, like I am the permanent whipping-boy, the general purpose scapegoat. I just feel like not coming in, staying in bed with the duvet over my head. All I want to do is get on with my job, is that too much to ask?

This isn’t helped by receiving an abusive email from HWCBN over the weekend. A spiteful, vindictive, childish, unsolicited email taking pleasure in another person’s problems. Mine.

Crowing, casting ufounded aspersions about my private life. Claiming that I was only with him for his money on one hand, then laughing at mine and my daughter’s poverty on the other. If that was the case, and I was only there for the money, would I not still cynically be there, whatever had happened?

Or is this just the email rant of a sore loser?


2 Responses to “Another week another…load of hassle…….”

  1. Well I loved the fact that he singled me out as a ‘pretentious twat’. I was surprised he could spell it as the entirety looked like it was written when very drunk, which wouldn’t be either out of character or in any way unusual for him. Yes, it was a rant and I don’t think you should give him the oxygen of publicity other than to inform the police. He’s doing everything he can to entrench himself in the sorry situation of his own making, and getting angrier and nastier as a consequence. Nobody who used to be on friendly enough terms with him will give him the time of day and so yeah, he is a sore loser – he always was, you just didn’t see.

    As for you being there for the money, does that include the long period when he did nothing but moan and weep and threaten suicide while jobless, while you worked to support him as well as yourself and your daughter? The man is talking deranged nonsense and that email was from a stalker claiming the moral high ground. Dismiss it, dismiss him, take the actions you need to and must take, and move on leaving him friendless apart from fools and other psychos while you enjoy the love and friendship which has long surrounded you. He can’t deal. You clearly can. x

  2. Yep it was a fantastic weekend at the Moot, I finally dragged myself home … I eventually left the Morecambe just before 5pm … Sunday afternoon!

    As far as HWCBN goes I second Andy’s comments, do what is needed re police etc then ignore the, erm … your choice of words cos I can’t think of any appropriate & suitable for venue :oP

    I’m sorry your workmates aren’t mates but b’tches :o( I don’t think wanting to get on with your work is too much to ask but then I don’t know the peeps. I’d offer to come kick them, I’d have to borrow some boots or I could hold them while you kick, but somehow I don’t think that would anything but help your frustration lol.

    HUGS hun, May they come to their senses and realise what a gem they have in their midst! Not likely from the sound of it I realise, but lets hope :oD

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