Thank the goddess it’s Thursday, though Friday would be better…..

Yes, here we are at the tail end of the week….. and what a week it’s been, have just felt like not bothering to go to work, it has been that good…….

I have two jobs making one post, totally unrelated to each other in terms of content, one in Child Care, one in Elderly Intermediate Care…..

Problem being that I am expected to do the work of a full-timer in both posts, and there are just not enough hours in the day to make this possible- I also only get paid the same as if it was one single post, despite all the inconveniences of this……. It’s making me ill. I can’t concentrate on or develop either post properly, I feel like I can’t do either part of the job properly, and that is all I wish to do in the long run. You are also not allowed to be ill in this job- there are limits for this!

Yesterday I was bawled out in person and by email for work that I simply couldn’t do because I wasn’t there….. Yes, it was late, but it was physically impossible to achieve. There are so many bosses that someone is always telling me to do something else more urgently…result, nothing gets done. If I work extra time, there are never enough staff for me to claim the flexi-time back……

There is also the culture that when you ask for help, you are storing up trouble for yourself, this is seen as you being ‘weak’,’incapable’ and ‘inadequate’. Despite explaining myself yesterday I received a fresh tirade of email abuse, the best part of this was being accused of being rude and illiterate by someone who was too ignorant to even put my name at the beginning of the email.

There are many things that I might be, but illiterate is not one of them…..

And who do I work for? ‘The Extremely Mean Corporation’? Megabucks Corp? Some faceless international conglomorate that works its employees to the ground? No- caring, sharing, Social Services. Says it all really…..


3 Responses to “Thank the goddess it’s Thursday, though Friday would be better…..”

  1. Hiya Khlari …. just …. HUGE HUGS hun, don’t let the blips get you down. I know that is 10,000,000% easier to say than do but I know you can …. remember the de-stress thing from Norm, go to the loo for five and do that when you start feeling too arghhhhh at work ;o)



  2. Thanks Willow!

    Am just trying to breathe deeply and stay zen……………………….

  3. […] Khlari of Musings of Khlari writes of being bullied at work. Very nasty, especially when you consider she works for the caring Social Services. Get over there and give the gal some moral support from afar… […]

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