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Well, Mr Spicy Cauldron got me again……

1. If you were the reincarnation of somebody famous from history (obviously, they have to be dead), then which person would you be?

Ooh, choices, choices……..Sylvia Plath??? Then again, I think Frida Kahlo had more fun, but then I quite fancy being Boudicca really…….

2. If you could cast one spell and see it work just like they always do for the Charmed sisters, what spell would it be?

Just a love spell….to love and be loved in return…..that’s all

3. If you went skyclad, what would people say if they saw you?

They would run as fast as their legs would carry them, screaming, and possibly puking.

4. Is there anything you wouldn’t do if the goddess asked you to?


5. Have you ever channelled a spirit?

Not intentionally, I think the spirit channelled me more than I channelled it…..not in a bad way…..


9 Responses to “Tagged tagged tagged”

  1. So who’s next to be tagged? Great answers, by the way…. x

  2. Jo of course, how many people do I know who blog????

  3. Hmmmm when I say who Andy had tagged first I just knew it would be coming my way next – trouble is I don’t really know anyone to hand it onto – I mean my blog just gets soooo much traffic I can’t deal with it all !!!!!!!

  4. Know the problem….gosh, am overwhelmed with readers……..lol!

  5. Well I’ve done my answers – not sure who to pass it on to yet – Will check out some pagan blogs and see if there is anyone out there that might be willing

  6. Oh, stop whingeing girls. Really. Get out there and become blog socialites! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing Jo’s responses to this bit of fun. xxx

  7. Thanks Taijiya…..

    As you can tell, mine is more words than technical wizardry though…have to get Mr SpicyCauldron to sort all that for me!

    Liked yours a lot too, will be popping by!

  8. […] this meme from August 2006, at the time I didn’t have a blog so escaped it. Spicy sent it to Khlari, who sent it to AmethystDragon where it stumbled but was picked up by taija monogatari she […]

  9. Wonder where this will end up this time :em62:

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