Open Source lives on!!!!!!!!!

Well, the Open Source poem, started months ago by Andy, who completed the first stanza, then followed by yours truly, who was responsible for the second, then Ms Purple-Dragon ‘I can’t do this’ who did a fantastic thrid, carries on……

It had apparently come to a standstill……to find out where it goes from here, go to

and who knows where it will go next…..


One Response to “Open Source lives on!!!!!!!!!”

  1. You’re tagged! It’s a magical meme and I’ve done my bit on my own blog… Now it’s your turn. Here goes with your questions, then you pass ’em on!

    1. If you were the reincarnation of somebody famous from history (obviously, they have to be dead), then which person would you be?

    2. If you could cast one spell and see it work just like they always do for the Charmed sisters, what spell would it be?

    3. If you went skyclad, what would people say if they saw you?

    4. Is there anything you wouldn’t do if the goddess asked you to?

    5. Have you ever channelled a spirit?

    HAVE FUN!!!!! xx

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