More proof, if you needed it….that I am a techno-bimbo….

Yes, as my observent reader may have noted, after my two-week absence, I have stunningly managed to insert my brand new post in a blank template from several weeks ago……..baaaaah. That’s what happens when you have to do this at work.


5 Responses to “More proof, if you needed it….that I am a techno-bimbo….”

  1. You’re not a techno-bimbo. You were doing okay when you first got your PC until someone stepped in and started pretending to know everything about computers while hacking around in its registry, deleting software in favour of his own preference and generally doing his best to persuade you you know next to nothing. It takes time and having a computer of your own helps; he’s made sure yours is no more but to be honest, he sabotaged it a long time ago so he could exercise complete dominance of virtual space on his own PC which was, at best, a botch-job with more security holes than a piece of Swiss cheese. Still, he knows best. About everything and anything.

    Don’t forget that classic line, “I can write poetry too”. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!

    He’s also available to advise NASA, Bill Gates and Carol Ann Duffy. x

  2. My dad did say…..(sarcastically) “That man has an ‘ology’ in everything”…………………..

    Would help if I still had my own PC to mess up though!!!!!

  3. I can sort out the PC issue – We haven’t yet checked whether he put anything into the base unit and even if he did the hard drive is probably recoverable – As for the monitor – well just so happens that I know a man with a pub and far too many monitors for his own good – Woo calls him Techno-Squirrel

    I’ll talk to you tonight about it – After all its supposed to be Sanctuary tonight

  4. Okey dokey……

    The hard drive appears to be untouched as far as I can see………

    See you, everyone and the techno-squirrel later!!!!!

  5. Yeah but disturbingly, what does he DO with all those monitors? >;-)

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