Something for the weekend……

Just a quick post… alert the attention of anyone who’s not seen them yet to some very silly photos……

Nick and Wendi’s Wedding Photos on Jo’s stupendous blog, Musings of a Purple Dragon

and some more silly ones of the alternative 4th of July on Silent’s surreal blog……gorgeous one of Mr A and I looking for all the world like totally retarded hillbillies……

Look and laugh!


8 Responses to “Something for the weekend……”

  1. To get direct to the photo album of the wedding – here is the direct link

    THE Wedding of 2006

    I’m going to kill Silent when I get my hands on him!!!!

  2. Are Silents ok to be viewed at work???

    Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and X

  3. Yeah they are OK – heres the direct link for them as well – the Alternative 4th July Album is the one Khlari is talking about

  4. Hi D!

    Yes, they’re fine, nothing too risque amongst them!

    Hi Jo……

    Well, ours is no better!

  5. I’ve just uploaded some new ones to my photo section of Jo, Martin and the kids’ visit to us here in CG at the weekend! x

  6. S is down for talking about ‘my brand of paganism’ at the Moot in September…? Just took a look at Silent’s site – very good! And YOU – is that a tan…? x

  7. K with a tan ? Nah it was very cleverly applied foundation – she had it all down her legs as well !!!!!!!!

    As for the diary for the moot on Silents site well its a little out of date – I really really need to get the brigantii moot site up and running then we can have a proper diary/events page

  8. Defintely a tan courtesy of orange foundation…….

    My legs positively glowed in the dark!!!!!

    Don’t think someone is going to be popping down to the Moot for that chat!!!!

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