Another month older, another month wiser????

Here we are, end of the month, and what a month it has been…..something tells me that I will never forget June 2006, it’s obviously going to be one of those momentous, life-changing epochs……

Little did I think at the beginning of the months that by the end of it I would have moved from Lancaster to Morecambe, had my possessions destroyed or stolen, had dealings with the police, had a painful end to a relationship, ruined someone’s wedding reception, had the police turn up at my birthday party, be accused of harrassment, and started a new relationship…..

What an eventful few weeks….but not all negative. I have also learned about the value of true and lasting friends, the value of true gothicism of the heart, the value of freedom and liberty to do what I really think and feel, the aura of love and protection that comes through wishing no ill-will, and the bad karma that arises from vengefulness……

And I have so begun to love life again and seize it with both hands. Life is for living to the full, grabbing and saying yes, instead of hanging in the sidelines saying maybe and doing the ‘right’ thing.

I think I still live by my old maxim.

“Je ne regrette rien” (I regret nothing), but I might add a new one as well…”Carpe diem” (seize the day)


6 Responses to “Another month older, another month wiser????”

  1. I am sure YOU ruined nobody’s reception. The warmth and affection and friendship shown to you by the newly weds proves to me that just ain’t true.

    As for the police turning up, you’ll recall how it made for a special day and lots (LOTS!) of laughs for everyone there at the expense of someone who was being really nasty and petty. It really is remarkable how everything your ex does to hurt you has to date had exactly the opposite impact, in terms of cementing friendships new, reinforcing friendships old and helping you to realise just how lucky you are in the here and now.

    You truly have been turning rocks into pearls. x

  2. I don’t think that the newly-weds have been holding it against me, but it’s surely made it a wedding I will never forget, and as it was already pretty unforgettable…..It will go down in the annals of history, no doubt!

    I can truly say that it was a wedding that changed my life, and I was only a guest!

    My birthday was indeed truly special, and I would like to say a big thanks to those who made it so….. Even the policeman who turned up had a smile on his face, it is true, but that was mainly the way I looked plus the silliness of the accusations levelled against me….

    It’s true that everything thrown against me appears to have spectacularly rebounded…. there seems to be a threefold return on the ill-will at least……..I am a really lucky woman, I may not have any possessions left, but my friends and loved ones are my pearls.

  3. Where he’s concerned, the anals of history seems more appropriate (put the lid down on the toilet, will you? Germs! Germs!).

    I’ve always held the threefold return to be an excellent principle not to be taken by letter, ie it’s not always three but often more and spread out over time.

    Get in touch by the way – need to ask on behalf of D and myself if you and others need a lift when we go… Well, let’s not say here, shall we? We need to talk and unless Cousin It has suddenly got a job monitoring phonelines, our conversation can be safe and frustratingly – for him – beyond his ability to snoop. x

  4. Will give you a call later honey….need to top up the phone first as I’m pay as you go……

    I just think, what goes around comes around, multiplied by any figure which seems appropriate at the time……

    Now, close the lid before you go……

  5. No longer Cousin It- apparently he has cut all of his hair off now….would that be a fit of pique, or changing your look in order to hide from people????

  6. I’ll take the second answer. And then I’ll take a ‘P’, please Bob. x

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