Today’s the day….to jump the broom!

After many weeks of existential angst, frenzied sewing, gardening and cooking, today is Nick and Wendi's handfasting at the Morecambe Hotel. For those of you who may have been on the planet Zorg for the last few weeks, it's at the Morecambe Hotel, Lord Street, Morecambe from 6pm……yep, 06/06/06 at 6……easy! The day has dawned sunny for us corset wearing goths (oh no, suntans!), but that's quite lucky in terms of it being in the garden! Bright Blessings to all concerned, especially Nick and Wendi!


One Response to “Today’s the day….to jump the broom!”

  1. We’d have loved to attend and were honoured to be invited, but a number of factors snarled us up this week.

    We got the invite a bit too late to change any plans and, besides, I don’t think I could have rearranged anything. I had to stay in all day for the Sky engineer and there was no way we could rebook otherwise we’d be looking at a September install having already paid our monies up-front; plus, on top of that, David and I have been ill since Sunday with a tummy bug which saw him take the day off yesterday and spend most of it in bed poorly!

    We’re both starting to climb back to health but it’s fair to say we feel fairly hammered and under-the-weather. Don’t you hate it when you get a kind of depressive after-effect following on from ill-health? That’s where I am today: a kind of achey, blue feeling.

    Please pass on our very best and brightest blessings to the happy couple. Was it a beautiful day? I’m sure it was! Are we going to be able to come see the garden before you move out? Let us know! x

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