Pssst anybody want to buy a jetski?????

Well. Attila and Vlad now have half a deposit……..and a jetski to sell. We have a Kawasaki 1100 up on ebay at the mo, thanks to the lovely Katrin who has sorted it, and the lovely Ian who has donated it to the cause………just have to sell it now and darn quick as our offer on the house has been accepted…………

Go to

to see a VERY unflattering pic of me on said item!


3 Responses to “Pssst anybody want to buy a jetski?????”

  1. Ah, maybe this answers my question in the other post about monies etc. When are you moving? We hoped to see the garden before you do. And don’t you get three months notice served? Does this mean a July move or earlier?

  2. Hmmm… still working on this one. Goodness knows how we are going to find the rest, to be honest, jetski still not selling at the mo. We have to be out before July 21, as they only gave us two months notice……….

  3. Great. No-one actually seems to want to pay for a jetski, well, nowhere near what it’s acually worth. Goodness knows what we are going to do in fact……….No deposit, no mortgage (from anywhere), qed, no house………

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