I was Attila the Hun in a previous life……

Or maybe Vlad the Impaler…….What do I do wrong….a year after moving into a house that was something like a dustbin……..finally we get to the point where it looks somewhere like a house, and we are beginning to make a mark on it. We all needed the stability, had enough of moving house, and M_______ needs it most of all, having moved 6 times in her 7 years……Above all, after spending days and weeks working, and a fortune in the garden, I was looking forward to enjoying the benefits. Now it just breaks my heart to look out of the window and see all the work we’ve done.

Our landlady just gave us notice, after assuring us a long lease, and us spending a fortune. Not easy, when you have to find somewhere big enough, and at five minutes notice. Not that anyone would give us a mortgage either……..


8 Responses to “I was Attila the Hun in a previous life……”

  1. Ohh Hun – thats awful news and as you say just as you were getting sorted as well

    If you want any help house hunting just yell

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  3. Khlari, have you managed to speak to the landlady yet? is she taking calls? She doesn’t have to give a reason but a reason might be nice. And are you certain you can’t get a mortgage – have you tried? You know, if credit history is a problem, you can even get mortgages in those situations. x

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  6. Oooh… Every ‘post removed’ tells a story. What happened there? I just popped by to see if you’d made any progress on this moving crisis in terms of finding somewhere new to live or talking to the landlady to see if there’s room to manoeuvre.

    Also, wanted to let you know I posted my first-ever videoblog entry today chez Spicy. Do drop by and let me know what you think of my having extended my foray into multimedia even further…

    And do you know of any illustrators who may be interested in working on my children’s book? I have to get a whole series of images completed by the end of September.

    Thinking of you, Khlari, and hoping the housing situation is sorted out in a way that benefits after the hassle. x

  7. What kind of illustrations? Remember I have two strings to the bow……do visual arts thing as well………………..Depends what it is, remember Matt (my brother) also does….

    Landlady still absent- we are seeing this as maybe a kick up the bottom though, to go and do something positive….looking at house (to buy) tomorrow in Morecambe….

    Am off to look at videoblog…….

  8. OMG! We must talk… It’s a very dark, gothic tale, too. I’m thinking a spin on Aubrey Beardsley imagery – stark black lines, something very different but appealing to kids…

    Btw, check out the review on my site of the new PSB album. A number of goth-related comments therein in relation to the music and techno-gothery… Thought it might interest you! x

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