All Change here!!!!!

Well, here I am on WordPress thanks to Andy, Mr SpicyCauldron, I may even have a working blog sometime soon!!!!!!! My previous Blogger one had died a death for some reason……welcome to all my reader(s), (I think there may even be two of you now!).


8 Responses to “All Change here!!!!!”

  1. Oh my gosh girl! You’ve gone category crazy!!!! How many do you want? Man, that’s a list…

    Glad to see you’re up and running. What about your blogroll from the other site? Do you want me to import it for you or have you done it yourself (it’s not hard, but you’ll need to create categories or a category for them).

    Oh, and trackbacks work from your site now – a link to your ‘power of four’ post just appeared in my recent comments (‘perspectives’) because you link to my site in it. Trackbacks can be fun… Do a search if you don’t know what they are but they’re fairly easy to make use of in cross-referencing other sites in your own posts.

    Oh, and let me know when you are ready for me to redirect from your old space to here. x

  2. Ah… I just scrolled down a fair bit and found your links… So you did ’em, hurrah! Told you it wasn’t difficult to start getting to grips with WordPress. If only you could use a collapsible categories plugin, it would make it more manageable (click on any of mine, say ‘life’ to see what I mean – brings up sub-categories, making navigation a doddle). x

  3. Hmmmm. how do I sort the feeds though???? That was one of the big problems on the last one, none of the feeds were working, so no-one read it but you and Jo!!!! I’ve been on here since about 8.00, retitling stuff which had somehow lost them, and categorising stuff!!!! See, I’ve been working at it!

  4. ‘Ello ‘ello – nice to see the new place – its looking really nice and you get to play with lots of lovely plugins that do interesting stuff

    Love the theme – thats really pretty

    I’ll change the link to you on my blog

  5. Okay, the way your blog is promoted is via pinging appropriate services and WordPress does that automatically. In the full-on version you can add in other ping services – look in your admin to see if there’s a section which allows you to add in these ‘ping’ or ‘notification’ services. If so, there’s a comprehensive – and long – list of them on as opposed to A search for ping services on the site should find the list easily enough. But if you can’t add them in to the free WordPress, don’t worry – the basic one should still be enough to get you noticed.

    If you’ve only got access to the basic built-in ping service, you can register at and do much the same, with more services. Do this every time you post. You can add in your site details and then add a bookmark to your browser so you don’t need to type in each time, just click and it does it. The site explains all.

    Also consider signing up at You can pay for traffic if you’re ever flush but you can also, importantly, surf other sites to get visits back to your own. It’s all explained on there. And have you tried goth search engines? I bet there are some. There are definitely some pagan ones. Register, register, register! It’s the only way to build traffic.

    With regards to your categories, you can edit them down in your admin by having any one category in which you ‘nest’ others, eg. ‘Goth’ could nest ‘Goth Music, ‘Goth Fashion’ etc. I have ‘Life’ as a category but within that you will find several others. I keep the ones appearing on the front page to a minimum but clicking on any of them shows more. I would suggest you might have the following ‘main’ categories and as many sub-categories as you like – and I’m only basing these on knowing you as my friend, you may want more, these are only suggestions! Here goes: Goth, Media, Creative Writing, Work, Life, Motherhood, Miscellaneous (or General Musings).

    Hope that helps! x

  6. Ahh – maybe you need to scale back on the categories and use Technorati tags instead – That would allow the granulation you want

  7. Hmmmm that sounds great, if I knew how to do it Jo!!!!!!

  8. Andy, you’re going to have to explain more how to do this stuff…remember, I’m the original goth techno-bimbo…….

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