The Widow-Bride

My tragi-joyous cortege floats along
The cobweb-flowered aisle of my crypt
A funeral lament my wedding march
For death himself tonight will be my groom

A greying shroud will make my marriage gown
A tattered winding-sheet my bridal veil
An iridiscent tiara webbed by spider feet
A faded lily bouquet crumbles softly away

All the hymns are solemn requiems
Every prayer its very own last rite
The solemn guests in black and veiled
Wail their eerie dirge into the night

To kiss the bride is the kiss of mortality
The ashen confetti falls through the close air
As the doomed woman's hands close around
The thrown bouquet which marks her fate

The wedding breakfast a funeral wake
Leaden waltz danced mournful threnody
The listless tango as danse macabre
Giving extreme unction with blood-redwine

Time now to rejoin my sombre carriage
jet-black relic-adorned marriage hearse
Spirit raven-plumed horses my transport
My eldritch honeymoon of mourning made

My bridal home a sombre sepulture
a dusty casket makes my bridal bed
winding sheets and shrouds my blackened trousseau
welcome now within the world of the dead

Widow-bride's embrace is all-consuming
Lamentations cache my cunning caress
Just one kiss is forever, forever fatal
One look, your first and last and always mine

Tonight your final fated consummation
When dark rises triumphal over light
Eternal promise of anticipation
That first embrace will be the final knell


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