Sanguine Surrender- for Sally

White porcelaineous unbroken
Delicate china-hued expanse
Tender, inviting, unsullied
undefiled by human hand

All too perfect pristine temptress
taunting, teasing her defloration
prostituting her blessed purity
courting bloody apotheosis

Silken slicing shimmering blade
Silvery lines give carmine trails
Welling scarlet subdue the pain
With knife I crucify again

Garnet gems grown on ivory
Sombre sanguine flowing flowering
Snowy sanctitude crimson stained
Sacrifice to salve the pain

bloody tramlines going nowhere
bloody gashes baring soul
bloody pain for bloody pain
a bloody mess a bloody gain

Black nullity bids me to wed
Black maelstrom inside my head
Black oblivion beckoning
Black tendrils wreath around my heart

Insidious seducer draws me downwards
Raven blackness eternal embrace
Starless ceiling of dark obsidian
Draws me into the darkest place

Alabaster smothered incarnadine
Ritual of mine is blood not wine
Self-flaying ceremony of mine
Though Oblivion my only divine

Black mist, red blood, flesh frosted white
I go willingly into that starless good night


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