Viva la Frida…..

Just a little word about Frida Kahlo…..another one of my heroes, probably because of the silly hair!!! I am trying to create a Frida Kahlo themed back garden, weather permitting, and I found this fantastic link, with a dress-your-own Frida doll on it! Just thought I'd add a couple of pics of the woman herself to add some colour to this grey day. The woman had passion, and a fierce individuality… well as immense personal courage in adversity. Without any religious overtones, an example to us all. Viva la Frida, and I hope my garden will be a fitting a colourful tribute.


2 Responses to “Viva la Frida…..”

  1. Ack! Switch on your anti-spam filter, K – it’s called Askimet – as you have been found. That means it’s going to get worse, and you need to avoid waking up one day to hundreds of these crappy things! x

  2. Ack Ack Ack I did switch Akismet on, but these just slipped though somehow……

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