Some more nice vampire pictures…

I rather liked this one… has an eerie oriental quality to it.

Have been a bit quiet as I have been writing a short story, and no, you can't read it because I haven't finished it yet…….. It's another vampy tale, and was inspired by an image I saw the other day. This weeks MA was underwhelming. No tutor showed up. We didn't get a message either, so the class adjourned to the pub.

Apart from that, have to finish my spooky little tale………


10 Responses to “Some more nice vampire pictures…”

  1. An example of the American school system……..can’t understand the spelling, come back when you have learned English.

  2. Lala? Isn’t that a teletubby? x

  3. No, Teletubbies can spell properly.

  4. that was gay and a waste of my time

  5. that was gay and a waste of my time so go to harf^

  6. Where am I supposed to go???? Hard to tell from this comment. Maybe it’s just a waste of my time……

  7. Hi Khlari,

    I like that vamp picture :o)

    What ever happened to the story you were writing? Is if finished?


  8. Hi Willow- yes, I did finish it, but I just keep forgetting to bring my memory stick in so I can put it on here at work…still no net at home. Might be changing soon though, have had to spend over £400 to repair the damage done to my PC, but next month will see about going on line…..

  9. Ouch to bill, Yeah to possibly being online at home next month and a kick up the memory stick to remind you to bring it in :op I lurve vampire stories so really wanna read yours :o)

  10. Bill was big owch, but will soon have replacement all-singing all-dancing enormous memory PC with pretty red and black box to put it all in! Will try and remember tomorrow- promise!!!!

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