Breaking Glass……20 years on

Breaking Glass is immensely corny, but it's also an immensely good movie. I love it!

Hazel O'Connor's music makes the film for me, and I still love it, even outside the movie.

I have just seen it again, after about fifteen years…thank you TradionalGoth!!!! For those of you who haven't seen it, here is the potted history…..

BREAKING GLASS is a group, trying to slice through the hassles and the hype of the music business and make themselves heard.

DANNY is their manager, dazzled by the rock & roll rebel dream – trying not to get suckered by the record moguls' system.

KATE is the singer, ambitious and visionary – but the rock & roll machine could burn her out before it makes her a star…

BREAKING GLASS – the ultimate rock movie.

Cheesy blurb I know, but an amazing film, especially Hazel O'Connor's performance, which still makes me cry to this day. That very satisfying crying a la Muriel's Wedding or Beaches……cathartic even!

So alittle of what I have been watching and listening to there…….


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