Khlari’s Musing #1

Well, here we go, this is the moment……well, not many people, actually, have been waiting for, my first blog……this is all thanks to Andy, so here goes to his link…..

I suppose I should tell you something about myself then. My name is Khlari, I’m 37 years of age, sometime teacher, youth worker, lecturer, bookshop manager, and all time goth……as you’ll see. I was born and currently live in North London,but over the years have lived in places as diverse as Manchester, Stockport, Todmorden, Hebden Bridge, Liege, Bradford, Marly le Roi and Sables d’Olonne……

Finally managed to upload the picture….afraid I’m still a bit of a techno bimbo sometimes………

More about myself? Well, I live with my boyfriend, herefore known as HWCBN for legal reasons, and my daughter M_______ who is six……..and I’m currently unemployed……very, very, long story involving marrying a frog, father of froglet M_______ …who turned out to be a frog, not a prince…….he was really French, I’m not joking! then running away back to England 2 years ago after 7 years in France………….
I’ll tell you the story one day.

Likes? mmmmm? vampyres, corsets, my beloved New Rocks, Transylvania, Sylvia Plath, Frida Kahlo, poetry, writing, painting… no particular order!

Dislikes? Bigots, fascists, shallow people, liars, Margaret Thatcher and net curtains…..again in no particular order………

Favourite Links?
my two best friends and their clothes……..
London Vampyre Group

Motto in Life? Je ne regrette rien……..


Khlari xxx


2 Responses to “Khlari’s Musing #1”

  1. Welcome me dearie! I’ve added you to my blogroll – automatically updated list of bloggers I read – and you can get one from I can help you set it up on your page if you want, seeing as how I was due to come round this week and so will now be visiting NEXT week! 🙂

  2. Welcome to blogging, Khlari. :)–>

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